April 16th, 2007

Art - Wildwood

Sometimes Wishes Do Come True

Sebastian Roche (James Craig) accepted a position on GH from recurring to contract

Yay!! Though I have no idea how that works considering what an evil dude his character is. But thankfully, in soap operas, you don't have to spend too much time worying aobut such things!

Again, I say "YAY!".

This fangirly moment brought to you by adorable men with sexy accents.

Methos - Despair & Ecstasy

DVD Commentary: Takasago's Pines - Part One

jinxed_wood  requested I do this one. And since it’s one of my favourites, I was happy to comply! It was a two part story, so here's the first bit. Part two to follow at some point. Sorry if I got a little angsty and overly wordy.

The commentary on this one gives me a chance to fill in some bits here and there. With a series of stories that been added to since 1996, there's a lot of back story. So I appreciate all of you who have leapt in at this late date :) I'm always happy to answer questions, or point you in the direction of the fic that answers those questions.

So on with the bonus features!

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Part Two is Here