April 15th, 2007

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

DVD Commentary: 'By My Side, You'll Never Be'

A while back, I offered to try a DVD commentary for my fic. There was one request from enchantersnight for this one. Obviously, I wasn’t very prompt in getting it done, but better late than never.

The whole reason for this story was the holbycitylounge fic challenge, “Dan Clifford is Methos”. I initially set out to write a story where Jaq, one of the doctors in Holby, was a pre-immortal, and while I liked the idea, it just never seemed to go anywhere. But along the way, it bumped me into the idea for this one: what if Daniel gave Jaq so much grief because she reminded him of someone? Now that went somewhere! And it would allow me to explore the question of just why he left Camilla at the altar.

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This was actually a lot of fun, so if anyone has another request, I'm game!