March 29th, 2007

Media - From Hell

Everyone Seems To Turn Up

Seems like just about everyone from genre TV is eventually showing up on 24 (or Stargate, or did). Now a combo of the two:

Fox has confirmed that Michael Shanks, who plays super-scholar Daniel Jackson on Sci Fi’s “Stargate SG-1,” which returns April 13 with its final batch of episodes, will appear on “24” this season. Perhaps Jack Bauer comes across a Goa’uld tablet he needs translated?

Via The Watcher

PotC - Jack: Legend

'If Depp's onboard, 'Pirates' may keep sailing'

"At World's End" may not be the end of the world.

Word on the Walt Disney Studios backlot is that, while "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," which opens on Memorial Day weekend, is the end of the trilogy, it may not be the end of the franchise.

According to insiders, Johnny Depp has said he would be interested in keeping the swaggering Capt. Jack Sparrow alive in other pirate adventures and, as the film's production director Rick Heinrichs says, "If Johnny's interested, why wouldn't they?"

Many of the larger set pieces have been kept and put in storage.

Costar Orlando Bloom says he too has heard the rumors.

"But they haven't said anything to me," he said with a laugh during an interview, "so I guess I'm not coming back."