March 20th, 2007

Taste - Absinthe

Another Viewing

ninjababe and I liked 300 so much, we're thinking of going to see it again. Though she wants to go see Mutant Turtle Teenage Ninjas, and I have no interest in seeing it at all. So maybe she can go see that, I'll shop, and then we can meet up for another viewing of 300.

Nature - Frosted Maple Leaves

HLS3: Take Back the Night

Highlander Season Three

Take Back the Night, Air Date: April 1995

When Immortal Ceirdwyn and her mortal husband are gunned down by a street gang, she calls upon her skills as an ancient Celtic warrior to exact her revenge on the members of the gang, one by one. At the racetrack watching Richie's success at racing, MacLeod befriends a young pickpocket, the brother of one of the gang members, and learns of the killings.

MacLeod, who has known Ceirdwyn since before they helped smuggle Bonnie Prince Charlie out of Scotland in 1746, feels he must stop Ceirdwyn and make her see that revenge is not the answer -- a lesson she helped MacLeod learn in the bloody aftermath of Culloden. In return, Ceirdwyn helps MacLeod see that, although loving a mortal can be dangerous for the mortal, it is the mortal who must choose whether to take the risk. MacLeod calls Anne. Meanwhile, Richie "dies" in a firey crash during a race, a crash that also takes the life of the champion, Basil.
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Next week: Finale I

(And I'll try and get the seaosn four poll up at some point today too.)

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

'Methos' Methos Thought

I initially stuck this in the comments of the 'Methos' episode discussion of last week, but decided to move it up here.

I've often wondered how different the episode might have been, how different Methos might have been, if they hadn't been planning on killing him off at that point in time. What might have been different if he'd been planned as a recurring character from the outset?

Forever Knight - Forever

More Genre TV

From SciFi Wire:

Amber Valletta will star in CBS' supernatural drama pilot Twilight, about a private investigator (Alex O'Laughlin) who is a vampire, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Twilight comes from Warner Brothers Television and Silver Pictures.

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In other pilot news, ABC's time-travel drama pilot Life on Mars, based on the BBC series, has been pushed back because of difficulties casting the lead. The David E. Kelley Productions and 20th TV drama is now being targeted for midseason.