March 10th, 2007

PotC - Jack: Horizon

Must Resist

I'm still feeling like making icons. But I have way too much cooking to do today and tomorrow. I take a few weekends a month and cook a bunch of different things, then break them up into two person servings and freeze them. It's the only way I can feed Nin when I don't get off till 5pm and she has to be to work by 6pm.

The menu for this marathon is a pot of Ranch Beans, Bacon Ranch Chicken for tacos, and Tomato Rice Meatballs. Going to start with the beans since they have to cook for quite a few hours.

And Nin and I need to dye each other's hair today too. So the other two dishes may get cooked tomorrow. Or I'll flip the order: hair tomorrow, meatballs today.

Think I can work some writing in? Maybe? Reminds me, I need Nin to set up the router we bought from Tarjay last weekend so the laptop can talk to the internet. No more fighting over the computer on the weekends anymore! [g]

Okay, time to wash pinto beans.

Japan - Blue Girl

Because I'm a Moron

I took the wrong chicken from the freezer. See, I buy a big ass pack of chicken breasts when they're on sale. Then I clean and cut them into two person portions. With the left over bits, I make a pack of chicken strips. That's what I wanted unthawed for the Ranch Bacon tacos. Expect I unthawed chicken breasts by accident. So, okay, I decided to make Coq au Vin out of them, and took the strips out of the freezer. Except those were breasts too! ARGH! So now I'm making another dish I hadn't planned on making. The third and last packet in the freezer was the strips.

So I've now made two chicken dishes, plus the Ranch Bacon taco chicken, and a pot of Ranch Beans, and the Porcupine Meatballs, plus what we had for dinner tonight.

I'm tuckered!

No more cooking!!