March 8th, 2007

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Hot Damn!

Just read the email confirming Peter is coming to Philly! Wheeee!!!

Okay, how glad am I now that I decided to send my deposit in? Yeah, that glad!

Talk about cheering me up during an absolutely sucky day week at work!

Later that same day: I just got my confirmation -- I'm unlucky #13! Watch out, world! [g]

Japan - Tea Girls


ninjababe, little darling that she is, brought me a surprise to work just a bit ago. Seems the produce store now has a small case of Japanese imports, and the they had Red Bean Cakes. I love Red Bean desserts!

There's a Japanese restaurant in one of the hotels at Disneyland, and they cater to the Japanese visitors to the park, so they have a much more traditional menu available, that seasonal as well. I had the most wonderful dessert of sweet rice dumplings in an a thick, hot, red bean paste mixture that was like a soup. God, it was good! The server was tickled that not only had I ordered it, but loved it so much. Usually only the Japanese guests ever ordered from that part of the menu. I would dearly love to have it again some day.

Japan - Sisters

Cooking Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

I'm working on prepping tomorrow night's dinner: guacamole, pico de gallo, sauteed shitake and portabella mushrooms for the quesadillas. The pico de gallo needs a jalapeño and an onion chopped. I'm now at the 'can't breath can't see stage'. I'm horribly allergic to the vapours from fresh peppers. The first time I cut up serranos, Nin came home from the store and thought I was in need of medical attention. My face was beet red, my eyes were almost shut, and even two hits from my inhaler couldn't stop me from wheezing. Thankfully, the pico only needs one jalapeño, so I'm only slightly wheezy, and no red face. Then came the onion... argh!! That's where the barely able to see part comes from.

So I'm taking a wine break before I move onto the mushrooms. Figure seeing properly is good when using a knife! And wine breaks are of the good regardless [g]

What's everyone else doing?