March 7th, 2007

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Drabble: 'Don't You Dare Laugh!'

It's been a long time since I did a lunch hour drabble, so I thought I'd rectify that. A little bit of Annabeth and just why she hates cows so much. In case you were wondering. Well, I was [g]

Don't You Dare Laugh!

Methos traced the jagged scar that ran just under her right shoulder blade, to its end above her last rib, the feel of his cool fingertips making her shiver.

Rolling over, she said, “A cow kicked me into a barbed wire fence.” She grimaced. “I hate cows!”

He smothered a grin. “A cow didn’t cause your first death, did it?”

“No! And that’s not nearly as funny as you think it is,” Annabeth told him frostily. "It almost did! Spending the rest of my days as a fourteen year old…”

“Then what did?”

“You’ll laugh.” She pouted

“I wouldn’t!”



'Don't You Dare Laugh II' is here.

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Drabble: 'Don't You Dare Laugh! II'

Okay, so I did a followup/sequelette.

The first one can be found here.

Don't You Dare Laugh! II


“Bullets? Was there some sort of firearm involved, or just bullets?” Methos asked wryly.

Annabeth punched his shoulder. “Chicago, 1924, gunned down at a speakeasy, okay?”

“Gangster’s moll, hmm?”

Sighing, she pushed herself up, sitting against the headboard. “Taking out the garbage.”

“Such a delightful gangster euphemism.”

“No, I was taking out the damn garbage! Sometimes I served drinks, but mostly I was the cleaning woman after closing. “

“So you took out the garbage and…?”

“Walked right into the middle of a gangland shootout.”

His laughter could be heard through the pillow as she tried to smother him.


Art - Wildwood

Sold Out

So the PWFC Trip to the King Tut exhibit in September is already sold out. I'm now quite pleased I decided to send in our deposit on Monday!

I'm determined to see it this time around! One of my great childhood disappointments was not getting to see it when it was in North America in the seventies. Since my mum couldn't afford for us to go, she bought me a cartouch pendant with my name in hieroglyphics for Xmas that year. I think I still have it in my jewelry armoire. I should wear it to Philly!

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I get myself all twisted around when writing fic trying to decide what to call Methos. If the person who's perspective the story is told from knows him as Adam, and Daniel, but not Methos, should I ever refer to him as Methos? Or do I wait till the perspective changes to either him or someone that knows him by that name?

I had the same problem with the Grey's/HL stories.