February 17th, 2007

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WIP Amnesty: Alone Is The Last Place I Wanted To Be

Because I'm a lemming :) This is for the wip_amnesty

This was the next in my series of *Highlander/Grey's Anatomy fics. I started writing it at the end of second season of GA, and then it just sort of died. Or at the very least, it's pining for the Fjords! Part of the problem is that the story in the series I really want to write is 70 years in the future, and this one is suffering for it. Will I ever finish it? I have no idea. I haven't touched it since last summer, so odds are... not. Maybe when S3 of Grey's is over, I might get a jolt of inspiration.

I don't think think this is more than a PG13, anything that strays over is mostly innuendo.

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*The other three being: Irreconcilable Differences, Seriously, and The Tragedy We Knew As The End.