February 13th, 2007

Japan - Winter


Highlander Season Three

Shadows, Air Date: November 1994

MacLeod is tormented by visions of his own death, beheaded by a mysterious dark-hooded figure. Anne tries to convince him to seek medical help, but instead he turns to his old friend Garrick, who has spent centuries studying the mind. MacLeod saw Garrick in the 17th century when MacLeod barely escaped being burned as a witch. What MacLeod didn't know was that Garrick was unable to escape as well.

Garrick convinces MacLeod that the dark-hooded figure is a racial memory that haunts all Immortals and that the way to defeat it is to not fight it, to accept it for what it is. When MacLeod, haggard and exhausted, faces the specter for the last time, puts down his sword and refuses to fight it, the figure goes for MacLeod's head -- until at the last moment MacLeod realizes the figure is Garrick, seeking his revenge after all these years. In the tag, Anne, frustrated that MacLeod won't open up to her despite their intimate relationship, leaves him.
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PotC - Jack: Legend

My Sick Day

It's mostly consisted of sleeping, writing, and updating my fanfiction.net page. The one thing I was really looking forward to was watching Holby city, but the torrent site I used went down about a 1/2 hour ago [pouts muchly] On the bright side, I've written quite a bit on the last part of "Family Business". May actually get it finished today. Then I can start on the story for the "Dan Clifford is Methos" challenge. Oh, and I've drunk the majority of an eight cup pot of tea. Everyone needs something to be good at!

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'Wrapped Around Her Finger' (01/01)

Yes, I was writing the final part of 'Family Business', but the muse took me by the throat, and I wrote this tonight instead.

I really love writing these stories with Methos and his 'daughter' Lucia. We last saw her in 'Monsters' (and no, I haven't forgotten where I left her), and tonight, she started chattering till I wrote this.

Hope you like it.

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