February 5th, 2007

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SF Con Going Poll

Just wondering how many of you attend Science Fiction Conventions. Not media cons, but traditional cons like WesterCon, SiliCon, Norwescon, or PhilCon, with authours, artists, masquerades and filking.

I probably spend the majority of my fandom dollar on such events, so I was curious :)

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Do you attend Science Fiction Conventions?

No, but I'd like to
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A Side Trip to Babel

I am finally getting to watch the remastered classic Trek eps, and last night, I saw 'Journey to Babel'. Now, it's one of my favourite episodes -- Sarek and Amanda. I love it! And as I watched, I was taken by the desire to write a short fic set during the episode. It's been a while since I wrote a story with Spock, so I'm looking forward to it! And handily enough, it will tie in with the story I'm writing for jinxed_wood (who, BTW, has put up the third part of her Firefly/Highlander fic tonight!) (it's awesome!)

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Fic: 'Family Business' (01/?)

I don't normally post WIPs, but dare to be different and all that.

Inspired after watching 'Journey to Babel' last night and having the urge to to write a Spock story. The last one I wrote was back in 1998, 'The Long Road From Home', and it just seemed time to do another one. This isn't a sequel really, but the prior one does have something of the history between the characters in it.

No warnings, very PG.

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