January 15th, 2007

Taste - Absinthe


I don't get HBO, so I've never seen it (no, I've never seen Deadwood either), but I came across the DVDs of S1 on Amazon. Is it worth buying? How many seasons are there? Do I actually need another TV show to watch?

These and other burning questions await answers.

Holby - Look

The 'Dan Clifford Is Methos' Fic Challenge Proposal

Because someone had to do it [g]

I'm proposing an informal little fic challenge. Write a story where Methos is Dan Clifford. It can be long, short, gen, not gen, serious, silly, take place during present day Holby City, or in the past when Methos is creating his new persona.

Anyone up for it?

A wee bit later: perhaps I should add that I was pondering a due date at the end of February, beginning of March. This is me we're talking about!

Japan - Lips

As I Kill Time...

waiting for 24 to start.

Yummy new drink: Drambuie and soda with lime. My usual poison is a Rusty Nail, which is Drambuie and Scotch, but I wanted to try something a little lighter tonight. This is nice, though I think it might work better when I wasn't so frickin cold!

A few eps of Enterprise: nice seeing the eps I missed and dealing with the breeding plot bunnies.

Fic: I really need to start writing again. Too much time spent making icons. It would also help to decide which story I want to write first. Maybe I should take a poll...

Weather: have I mentioned I haven't been warm in days? Probably several times.

TV: new Holby City tomorrow! Wheee! I wonder when we'll hit Danless episodes? I would think in the next several weeks.