January 4th, 2007

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

'The Silent Stars Go By'

For archiving purposes, I’ve combined the parts of my 2006 Xmas fic into one new post since the two parts were posted two odd weeks apart. I did tweak it slightly, but it’s essentially unchanged. Thanks to everyone who commented over the last few weeks. It’s much appreciated!

Rated PG13 for sexual content, a story in the Bloodties series, this one set in 2053 at the beginning of WWIII. Methos isn’t mine, Triona is, apologies to Monty Python for various shrubbery related jokes. No swallows were hurt in the creation of this fic – African or European.

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Methos - Darkness


Trying to be more organized this year, so that means reorganizing last year's stuff. So, the stories and drabbles list over on the sidebar is now up to date. When I max out my links, I'll start removing the oldest fic and replace with links to the new. But right now, pretty much everything fic-like I've posted on my LJ is listed there.

And in 2007, I want to get back to posting my older fic here on Live Journal, which I started to do at one point, but got sidetracked. So keep an eye out for some golden moldies coming in the near future :)

Also over the next few days, I want to get my archive up to date. I'm a few stories behind on the HTML side of things.

Holby - Amused

Holby City Comments: 01-02-07

I'm just loving Dan Clifford more and more each week. And I don't think it's just because I'm biased [g]. Nope.

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And on a totally shallow note, Peter's looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I swear, the man gets better with age. I can't wait till he gets one of those fancy dress do scenes. And that voice. He can read the phone book whenever [g]

And I have to keep reminding myself we have a whole year of him! He's not just there for a few weeks, but a YEAR! How'd we get so lucky?

Okay, fangirl moment over squeeeee [cough]