December 4th, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Happy Birthday!

[mumble] [mumble] years ago today, the glorious Ninjapiglet was born! Happy birthday to my bestest friend, and as my boss calls her, my heterosexual life partner, the one and only ninjababe! Love you, sweetie [HUGS]

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Pharaoh's Daughter

Highlander Season Two

Pharaoh's Daughter, Air Date: April 1994

MacLeod feels the Buzz coming from an ancient sarcophagus and opens it to find Nefertiri, Cleopatra's handmaid, buried 2000 years ago with her mistress. Now revived, she pursues a vendetta against the Immortal Marcus Constantine, who was her lover and her enemy. Mac believes Constantine, who claims that he no longer wishes to fight Nefertiri -- this former Roman General has turned his back on battle and is now a curator, working to preserve history and its lessons. But Nefertiri can't let go of the old grudge, and for the first time, MacLeod is forced to face a woman he loves in Immortal combat. ~ recap via

Next week will be 'Legacy', and the season three poll. So start thinking about what season three episodes you'd like to discuss!