November 20th, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

'Under Color of Authority'

Highlander Season Two

Under Color of Authority, Air Date: February 1994

Richie wants to protect Laura Daniels, a young woman who's on the run from an Immortal bounty hunter, Mako. MacLeod has met Mako befoe and doesn't like his methods, but he knows the other man is lawful. He questions whether Laura is necessarily innocent. Richie doesn't care, he wants to help her anyway, no matter what it takes. MacLeod is torn between doing what's right and helping his friend. Richie defeats Mako and receives his first Quickening, and he and MacLeod realize it's time for him to move on. ~ recap via

Next week will be 'Unholy Alliance'

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Forever Knight: Outside the Lines

Continuing my recaps of season three Forever Knight, as I go through the new DVDs.

This is one of those episodes where the front story is miserable, but I love for the flashback story line. Here we have 'New Ray' as an undercover cop, and Tracy, his lil 'Button' Gah! However, in the flashbacks, we have WWII, Nick in the French Resistance, and Nick being a hypocrite -- again. Helped along as ever by LaCroix. And once more, Nick and Duncan were in the same place -- I love crossing these two universes! No, not that you could tell [g]

I can't get into doing a blow by blow for this episode. It was so many things that were so wrong with the USA part of season three, and so much of what I dislike about Nick. So I'll settle for a few random comments.

Yeah, traitors die, Nick. Maybe you should make sure they really are first. Not like you don't have mind control talents you could use [rolls eyes]

I've always liked Callum Keith Rennie aka 'New Ray'. I think this is the frst time I saw him before he went on to Due South, and now Yay! on Battlestar Galactica.

Here's the part that makes it worth watching. Nick, jumping to conclusions about the woman with the Nazi. That scene with LaCroix and the woman... Oh yeah. And he looks just yummy in the black leather trench coat. Nick screwed it up again. That's our boy.