September 24th, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

How Was Your Weekend?

We had to hit the mall yesterday, to get Nin and me some jeans that weren't baggy. I hate losing weight, I really do. But, I do have a nice pair of jeans that don't hang off my rear end now :) We also got season two of Grey's on DVD. It was on sale and with a ten dollar rebate offer, plus ten more percent off with my Suncoast membership card thingie. Then we went grocery shopping, got Wendy's for dinner, and worked through the DVR. We've now seen the season ender for Supernatural. Damn! And Atlantis! Double damn! (I can't believe they're putting off finishing the SG1/A season till March?!?!) (argh!) Now all that's left is for Nin to watch last week's House.

Going to go make some orange danish and try and do some more work on the HL/Grey's fic, at least to where Methos shows up. That's my goal today at least. I don't usually think of my fic in terms of number of pages or words, more in terms of scenes. I have scenes plotted in my head, and then write them down, and then add to and 'embroider' them. (I have no idea when I started thinking of it as embroidering, but I did at some point. I think it's the visual of starting on an empty piece of cloth and slowly working out to fill the canvas, and I used to embroider many years ago, so...) Anyway, I set a mental goal of at least finishing a scene or getting to a new one.

Okay, empty dishwasher, danish, tidy the apartment, write, maybe do some laundry, watch Grey's DVDs. Dinner is easy. We're being very bad and eating prepared food tonight (I usually cook 'real' food): TGI Friday's appetizers from the frozen section. And Nin is going to make real daiquiris. She saw a segment on Good Eats and she's been itching to make some.