September 2nd, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Love Letters

There's a blog who's RSS feed I have on my F-List called Deep Genre that's written by several SF& F authours. I really enjoyed this post on 'Love Letters' in your writing.

A small excerpt:

... Now and again an otherwise naturally developed character will gather to her- or himself a characteristic or trait or hobby or skill or preference that I have a deep personal affection for. That is, through the character, I end up writing a little love letter.

It might as precise as roses or curry, or as general as a love for dressing up in spiffy clothes. It might be Polynesian canoes (I’m waiting to get to that one), or ballet, or crotchety old women who take no guff from anyone. It might be baseball, or origami, or those tenacious folk still running a family farm.

It’s not the main point of the character, or the whole of him or her, but it is a part of that character.

I can very much relate to that, and I know it's something I do with many of my characters.

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