August 26th, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

What's Up?

Yesterday, I got Paint Shop X in the mail. Got it off Ebay for a great price even :) I've been using v. five which is about twelve years old, so it was time to upgrade. Of course, it's so different from the one I've been using, it's practically a new program! I got a wee bit frustrated and finally turned it off last night and decided to chat instead! I managed to make one icon [points] and decided to try again when I was fresher. So now it's a new day, and I'm going to try bending it to my will once more.

Kate, I didn't write last night. I was bad :( I know i promised, but I'll try and do better! I am going to attempt to use Nero today though, and see if I can make an mp4 file. Will yell in your general direction if I need help.

The song playing now, it's so on my Methos/Triona soundtrack. It's actually the song I have mentally paired with the sequel to Shattered. Does anyone else connect music to particular stories or characters? Or am I just weird? I shouldn't have asked that!

When Nin gets up, we'll watch SG1 and Atlantis from last night, and I'm thinking we might be able to justify going out for dinner. Nin got a raise!! We should celebrate. I'm thinking Joe's. Yep, we have a Joe's and it's within walking distance. Unfortunately our Joe's doesn't have a certain very old Immortal sitting at the bar, nor does it have a Joe.

Oh, and did I mention that my friends are at Worldcon and I hate them? [pout] Expect much whining from me on that subject this weekend :) The con started on Thursday, and they've called a few times to give me a vicarious thrill. and speaking of Worldcon, I just read that Denver won the vote for 2008, so I'm going damn it!

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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

My First Attmept

Messing with filters, and some screen grabs I already had loaded, and this is what I came up with. I'll add new stuff to this post as I make more new stuff today!


One of my starting points: Collapse )
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


I don't even know if this exists, since it's been so long since I've seen Queen of Swords, but I need a screen grab with Dr. Helm shooting or holding a gun. There's an icon I want to make with a line from Brad Paisley's 'Spaghetti Western'. If anyone has such a thing and would be willing to share, I'd love you forever :)