July 22nd, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Sneaking On

Nin is cleaning the kichen, so I'm grabbing a bit of online time.

It's been really warm here! Wow, it's so nice! Feels like it's actually summer :)

Coworker's daughter came over to watch SG1 and Atlantis with us. During the school year, I send her copies at college. She left after watching last week's with a season of Highlander, two seasons of SG1, and something else I can't remember, on DVD. A Papa John's opened here this week, and we had to get pizza from them. Nin enthuses over the place, and has whined since she moved here from TN that there aren't any nearby. I no likey! While Nin went to get the pizza, we watched 'Indiscretions'.

Working on shopping list and menu for the week, and trying to watch the four weeks of Hex, Dead Zone, & 4400 that have piled up on the DVR.