June 14th, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

What If?

Something I was pondering on the walk to work this morning: what if Alexandra Vandernoot hadn't left the show, so Tessa didn't die? Assuming the framework was generally the same, with some obvious exceptions, like Anne. What kind of show would it have been compared to what it was? How different a fandom would it have been?

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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Top Ten

For no reason other than it occured to me to list them, here are the ten shows currently on the air that are my own personal 'must see TV':

Grey's Anatomy
Battlestar Galactica
Dr. Who
Slings & Arrows
Gilmore Girls

I'll put together a 'dead shows' list later.

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

In Person Feedback

I printed out my Highlander meets Tribble story for a coworker to read, and he loved it. He's taking it home for his wife to read. It's nice working with fellow SF fans!

A bit later: he just came back to the warehouse and said he can't get the image of Duncan holding a tribble out of his head. Heh!