June 4th, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Discussion Roundup

The discussion for CaH & R6:8 is still 'live' here. I'm going to hold off on Forgive Us Our Trespasses till Wednesday, I think, unless there are any major objections to that? We've been burning on all cylinders, so I thought a one episode week might be nice. Especially since my random episode comment here has engendered an amazing discussion about Immie immune systems, violent death, and everything in between!

I will be putting up the post for the next Forever Knight discussion on Tuesday as planned.

So join us in any or all :)

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

The Stream

Remember last week, I took notes from my viewing of the Horseman eps? Well, here's my stream of consciousness impressions. Imagine me talking to the TV and that pretty much captures my mood at the time.

Collapse )

A frightening example of the inner workings of my teeny brain, no?