May 22nd, 2006

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'Judgement Day' & 'One Minute to Midnight'

Welcome to the ninth & tenth installment of Methos Episode discussion. You can find the last one, for 'Till Death'here. All episode discussion links can be found over on the sidebar.

Since this is a two parter, this will be for both Judgement Day & One Minute to Midnight.

Judgement Day/One Minute to Midnight, Air Date: May 1996/Sept. 1996

Dawson's life is on the line when the Watchers try him on the charge of treason for his friendship with MacLeod. Watcher deaths have risen dramatically since Dawson first told MacLeod about the Watchers and the Tribunal is determined to punish Joe and stop the killing. MacLeod and Dawson argue his case, but even as the trial goes on, the Watcher killings continue.
Immortals and Watchers are poised at the brink of war. On the orders of the Watcher Tribunal, every Watcher in Europe is hunting for MacLeod, to bring him in dead or alive. MacLeod discovers that the real killer is Jacob Galati, a Gypsy MacLeod once traveled with, who has vowed to destroy all the mortals who wear the Watcher tattoo, convinced they are all out to destroy Immortals.
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Next up: The Messenger. Look for it on Thursday.

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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Was It Something I Said?

We did laundry late last night, and on the way back from the dryer, Nin says she has the urge to write laundry room smut. Err, okay. So I want to know what fandom, and she says I don't want to know. (her standard 'it's slash and it's some sort of anime thing you wouldn't even understand' reply) I reply, 'oh some sort of cartoon fandom thing!'. I sit down and turn RotK back on and then seemingly out of nowhere ask, 'Is there Monsters Inc' slash out there?' She gives me a look and I say, 'What?!?! I was looking at the Monsters Inc. ornament and saw Sully and Mike and it just popped into me head!' She told me I made her brain explode and threw her out of her smut writing mood. I protest my innocence!

In an attempt to repair her broken brain, I'm posting a link to the 'laundry room smut challenge' she created in lieu of actually wrting the story she'd planned.

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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

After We Finish

So, in a few weeks, after we finish up discussing the Methos episodes, I thought we could move on to the rest of the series. I started this series of discussions initially for Alison's benefit, but everyone seems to be enjoying the discussions in general, so I figure why not keep on going? Now, instead of discussing every single episode, I thought instead, I'd take a poll of sorts to see what episodes you all want to talk about. I'm not sure how best to set this up, so chime in if you have a better idea. I'm thinking of taking suggestions in the comments and putting all of those in a poll, and then going with say, the top 20? 30? Or a variation on the poll, but do it season by season? Or should we just start at the beginning and do all of them? Thoughts? Ideas?

I was also thinking this might be fun to do with Forever Knight, my other love, if there was interest.

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

PW on Medium

Too late for the east coast, but I was just reading that Peter Wingfield is on tonight's season ender of Medium. It's not a show I watch, so thank goodness for email! Of course, it means chopping the season ender of CSI Miami, which Nin really likes, but she's at work [looks around nervously]