May 19th, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


I'm in a dark and depressed sort of mood, which means that after consuming a fair amount of red wine I will most certainly write angsty fic that will induce tears. Unless I find some angsty depressing fic to read instead, then you won't be subjected to my efforts.

I have a feeling Nin is currently hiding all my Sara McLachlan CDs...
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My Fic Icons - Don't Regret Me

Fic: Now We Are Met Again (01/04)

A Bloodties story. Set in the Star Trek timeline, featuring Methos, LaCroix, and Captain Jack Sparrow
Rating: PG13, Het/Gen
Summary: 18th century pirate meets 24th century justice and a very old mate. Has Jack Sparrow met his match?

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