May 17th, 2006

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Line Break?

Anyone know how to get a line break between the LJ cut text and the tags? I've tried out several different things, but no luck. The way they sit on top of each other just irks me, what can I say? :)

Here's an example:

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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

'Till Death'

A day early, but what the heck? I love this episode, well, to death! So I figured it deserved an extra day of discussion.

Welcome to the eighth installment of Methos Episode Discussion. You can find the last one for 'Through a Glass, Darkly' here. All episode discussion links can be found over on the sidebar.

Till Death, Air Date: May. 1996

When Gina and Robert de Valicourt met 300 years ago, even Gina's suitors MacLeod and Fitzcaim had to admit they were destined for each other. Each century, as Robert and Gina renewed their wedding vows before their friends and fellow Immortals, their love grew stronger. But now their marriage is on the rocks. MacLeod decides it's up to him to reunite the once happy couple, and he enlists a very unwilling accomplice in his cunning plan. ~ via

Next up will be Judgement Day. Look for it on Monday.

Quotes below the curtain

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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Sing, Sing A Song

For the really strange file: Why Men Don't Listen to Women.

An excerpt:

Men have to work harder deciphering what women are saying because they use the auditory part of the brain that processes music, not human voices. Men's brains are not designed to listen to women's voices. It's not the pitch of the woman's voice, but rather the vibration and number of sound waves that cause the problem, notes Discovery News.

But guys have no trouble at all hearing each other because men use a much simpler brain mechanism at the back of the brain to decipher another man's voice and recognize it as speech