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Highlander Season Two

Counterfeit One & Two, Air Date: May 1994

Pete Wilder just saved Richie from an attack by some guys wearing Watcher tattoos. Or did he? Nothing is what it seems, and MacLeod becomes increasingly wary of Pete, despite Richie's protests that the guy is his friend. When MacLeod's mistrust gets the possibly innocent Pete killed, Mac becomes increasingly unsure of himself. Unknown to MacLeod, his old enemy Horton is pulling all the strings. Horton is secretly training escaped killer Lisa Halle to go after MacLeod while he's troubled and vulnerable.

Duncan must deal with a woman who is a dead ringer for the deceased Tessa, but must wonder if she's part of some scheme to kill him once and for all.
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And that was Season Two! Thanks so much to everyone who participated -- it was a lot of fun. There's still time to vote in the season three poll, so make your wishes known.

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