Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Doctor Who: Runaway Bride

For god's sake, enough with the 'Rose is gone boo hoo hoo' stuff! I can only hope that it's now out of his system and we won't have to listen to it when the show starts up again next year. I swear, he's angsted more over Rose being gone than every single one of his Companions who have left combined! Even including Adric, and he was frickin' killed! Okay, got that off my chest [g]

Other than the Rose angst, I enjoyed the episode a lot, even if it was spiders -- I hate spiders -- and the Empress was just a tad, okay a lot, over the top. I liked Donna, and wouldn't she have made for an interesting permanent Companion? It was a fun episode and we got dark scary Doctor at the end there. Always a crowd pleaser.

The little preview clip of series three/series thirty(?)(I've lost count) looked quite exciting!

Tags: doctor who

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