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Holiday Stuff

We made it back from the mall unscathed. We mostly wandered, other than Nin needing to buy gifts for the two pharmacists she works with, and her looking for a last gift for me. We did get a copy of Elf for tonight's movie viewing. I was good and resisted getting the awesome POTC jacket at Hot Topic, and couldn't convince ninjababe to get the slashy Will Turner and Jack Sparrow jacket they had. She's no fun! I actually held in my hand, for the 1/2 hour I walked around Chico's with a burned out black velvet shirt in a rather Edwardian style. It was on major clearance, and I adored it, but in the end, I was good and put it back.

Today, after I drink some more tea, I need to make the cranberry pecan pie, mincemeat cake, and get the roast on. This evening, Nin and I will open our presents, and I'll try not to miss my family too much. And yes, I'll try and write some more to the fic I started posting yesterday.

Oh, and speaking of Xmas -- I watched this last night. Absolutely adorable! Peter is such a dear (no pun intended [snorfle]) And I saw my postcard!! [bounces up and down in a silly fashion] Okay, I'm done now.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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