Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Holby City Comments: 12-19-06

Wheee!! I think I'm officially smitten with Mr. Clifford! This was a great Dan episode, and didn't he look great in the suit? After the Methos quote, I think my favourite moment is that last scene where he asks Lola if she's okay, and then he does that, what I always think of as the Methos walk, as he walks away. You know the one, that little half swagger that Methos always did but Adam Pierson didn't? Loved it! Outside of Dan -- yes, there was other stuff -- it was nice to see some closure for Elliot and scattering his wife's ashes on the rose garden. He actually smiled in this episode, something I've never seen, and it just changes his entire demeanor. Since I've only 'known' the character since the episode where his wife commits suicide, I've never known what the real guy was like, only the one devastated by his loss.

Tags: holby city, pw
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