Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Santa Came Early

Yes, I know I whine all the time about how there's no new Methos het adult fic out there. And really, sometimes it just sucks when there's nothing new to read in your favourite fandom. I eagerly read through recs, thinking that this sounds like a cool story, only to find out its slash yet again (yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment). But I keep looking through recs and story summaries regardless, just in case there might be one het story hidden there. And yesterday, my relentless search was rewarded! I found this new, very excellent Methos/Amanada PWP. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait!

Later: Sorry! My bad. I didn't realize it was a locked post. So I'll leave it at squeeing over having found something to read and I've edited out the links since they don't go anywhere. And if the authour ever does post it publically, I'll repost the links. Again, my apologies for being klewless today.

Tags: fic recs, highlander, methos
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