Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

'Hearts of Darkness'

This ep starts with the the shining example of the travesty USA forced onto the show. LaCroix and the 'getting naked' line. I'd blocked out just how wretched it was.

I did like getting to know something about Urs, despite the idiotic plot.

More Vachon flashbacks.

Split personality vampire.

"Nicholas, how considerate of you to bring your own coaster"

Vampire pecking order. Vachon is responsible for Urs as her Master.

"We don't live to kill, we kill to live"

Vachon seems to have a much better fledgling success rate than Nick. But he doesn't listen much better.

And that about covers it, folks.

Join me next time for "Trophy Girl".

Tags: forever knight

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