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'My Boyfriend is a Vampire'

So this is USA making Forever Knight do a take off on the 'Jerry Springer Show'. A woman on the show says her boyfriend is a vampire, and ends up as the murder victim of the week.

Nick giving Tracey a hard time about being in the audience, asking her if she believes in vampires. Of course she doesn't know that nick is, or that he knows about her and Vachon.

Interviewing Jerry and his producer. Bit of trivia, the producer, Charlie, is played by Nigel Bennett's girlfriend at the time. Some nice interaction between Nick and Tracy.

Tracy off to meet her 'plumber' aka Vachon. she's all angsty over dead end relationships. no pun intended. Vachon flashback! Vachon and his crew a hundred odd years back and their wench soon to be victims. Another bit of trivia, unlike Highlander, FK never dated flashbacks, so there was something the fans called 'Janette Dating' -- basically whatever Janette was wearing was used to date the FB. Of course, once she was gone in S3, that became a lot harder!

Nick trying to figure out why Nat's ticked with him. Brick. Just had to say it [weg] Yes, what are your intentions Nick? Always wanting to have his cake and eat it too.

Nick runs off to rescue Tracy, and Vachon is there too. Heh. Still, he's messing with Tracy. He really should have told her.

There's just so much projection going on in this episode!

Finally some LaCroix! Even if it is just a radio monologue. Better than nothing.

Yes, give up on Nick! He's no good for you, Nat.

'Charlie, you're poking me!'

Jerry's a jerk. Duh.

Skanky Dr. Joyce is on the prowl.

"I'll look goofy." I love it when Vachon is rummaging through her fridge. What on earth does he think he'll find for him to eat?

Ooops, there goes Dr. Joyce. Victim #2

Yeah, it's complicated. Tracy, you have no idea! Vachon reminds you of Nick? Fancy that!

Oh lord! The getup Tracy is in. But Vachon definitely appreciates it.

I love this bit! Nick, Vachon and LaCroix reminiscing. "Remember the days when you could see something like that pass by and you could just take her, without worrying about the consequences?"

"Regrettably times have changed."

Flashback! "That was a right scrapple for that little bit of apple"

That's LaCroix: operate discreetly.

Nat's not having any of it.

Charlie reveals her true colours -- and the fact she's nuts!

Yes, she killed them! Buy the man a klew.

No, Nat!! Run away! Bleah.

The End

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