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15 December 2006 @ 12:46 pm
Holby 12.14.06 Ep  
Not a lot of Peter, but what there was was delightful. He looked great -- Duh! -- and I'm loving the irreverent gleeful nature of Dan Clifford. What a fun character!

Forgot the cut, not that I think anything is really spoilery...

The odd medical moment that stood out most for me was Sophie Martha in not only watching the surgery, but actually holding retractors and stuff. What's with that?

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Sophie: Cheesesophiedb on December 15th, 2006 09:35 pm (UTC)
Martha :) I can understand her being given permission to observe, but she was right up close. I would have thought that spot was reserved for someone with the skills and knowledge to actually help, even before Jac was needed.

(Sophie was the baby girl - you can guarantee that I spot that name when it's in use *lol*)

I loved the bit when he called out that he didn't believe Jac ate anything until he'd seen it himself XD The fact that she apparently rides a Ducati made me like her a little more than usual, but then she proved her conniving nature once more so *phhhhhbt*

Ith: Holby -- Trust Meithildyn on December 15th, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)
Yes! Martha. I suck at remembering names. Yeah, observing is one thing, but actually participating? That seemed really odd to me. I loved that bit with Jac too. And the 'similar taste in bad shirts'.

Sometimes I quite like Jac, and then, well and then [g]
pat: qospat_t on December 15th, 2006 09:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I didn't mention that. Mainly because I was too pissed at Mark and Donna...but that was a big no-no. She wasn't trained and she really had no business being in that surgical suite. Also there is, once again, the issue of patient's privacy and rights. This person was not medical personel and had no business being privy to that patient's surgical or medical information in any shape or fashion. Also, it would have been a huge no no for the hospital as they are not insured against someone who does not work for them being there. As a registered nurse working under my own licensure, I can not go into a hospital I don't work at and do *anything* patient care wise because I'm not covered under their policy and procedure or insured to work in their institution. Even real medical and nursing students (which Martha is just thinking about doing ) can't just waltz into a surgical suite and watch no matter what the doctor says. The med school, university or nursing school has to jump through hoops with accredidation and licensure and insurance with the hospitals to have their students there. Sheesh, you should never have gotten me started.