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We finally got our carpet shampooed yesterday. I did all the precleaning and picking stuff up and moving furniture, and ninjababe did the shampooing. It looks much nicer now! No to mention tidier. After, she went to Suncoast to pick up our reserved copy of Dead Man's Chest, and once I got dinner made we watched it and most of the extras. The 'making of' documentary bits were fascinating. Turns out Jack's sword and pistols are actually real pieces from the 1740s, and the props master was talking about the amazing balance of the 18th century sword compared to the modern made ones.

As for today. Nin has to go into work for a few hours to file, and when she gets home, it's hair dying time. In the meantime, I'm cleaning up the kitchen and dining room table aka the junk pile, while I wait for her to wake up. Have to keep my activities to quiet ones till she's up. Ans speaking of activities, I may actually write something today, but my brain is having a fight. Two stories keep battling it out as the one to write. and this doesn't even include the fic I'm actually currently writing. One is in the Bloodties series, in the Broken Window set. This would be the third one. Triona and Joe keep having conversations and I keep going back to mentally writing it. The other one that's demanding attention is in the Emily series. It takes place around 2065 in the aftermath of the Great Bay Area Quake. Seems Emily has taken up smoking at some point, when she was in Malaysia apparently, and that's the scene I keep working on in my head: her smoking and talking to Methos in Golden Gate Park at a medical triage area. And it isn't a crossover anymore, which is different for me.

So basically, in not being able to choose what to write, I don't write anything.


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