Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Nine Months

No, not that nine months! Nine months I've been on LJ, and ten entries in that meme thing that's going around all over. First lines of the first entry of each month.

March: I decided that a Live Journal might be a a nice added venue to post my Highlander and Forever Knight fic. So first post, and stories to come very soon!

April: Interlude - Forgiveness: Upon reading over stories in the series, I realized that the aftermath of LaCroix's failed attempt to bring Triona across had been done only in flashback form.

May: 'Chivalry' - Welcome to the third installment of Methos Episode discussion!

June: 'Comes a Horseman' & 'Revelation 6:8' -- Welcome to the thirteenth & fourteenth installment of Methos Episode Discussion.

July: Highlander Discussion Notes -- Tomorrow will be the last of the Methos episodes up for discussion: To Be/Not to Be.

August: Ficlet: 'Monsters' -- A small ficlet inserted between betaing the last story and starting the next one. Lucia grew up at some point this year and started demanding her own stories, so this is me trying to comply just a wee bit.

September: Drabble: 'Not a Chance' -- A Friday lunch hour drabble. Another of my reader's choice het or slash offerings :)

October: Fuming -- Remember our dish being out? Well the idiot roofers stuck the dish back up, but in the wrong #$%#^% direction!

November: More New Stuff -- I keep stumbling across things missed while I was away. So just now realized there's a new Highlander fic archive. Nifty!

December: The F Word -- I recently started watching 'Gordon Ramsay's F Word' on BBCA, and it's my new TV addiction [g]


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