Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Torchwood 8


Okay, I like TW, I enjoy watching it, but it still hasn't grabbed me to where it's a show I'm going to miss if it doesn't get renewed. I keep waiting for that moment, but no dice so far. Sometimes I get the feeling they don't know what sort of show they want it to be. It really sends me mixed signals from week to week, hell, during a single episode for that matter. Maybe if they'd actually do an episode about Jack? That's what I want. That's why I'm watching the show. But I'm still no nearer getting to know how Jack became the guy he is from the guy he was in DW.

So the episode. Good one all around. But are they trying to tell us there's some sort of 'thing' brewing between Jack and Gwen? There's certainly been enough long lingering looks. But Gwen's sleeping with Owen. And the thing at the end with Ianto and the stopwatch? What the heck was all that about? Was it some sort of really odd come on? Or is it some sort of in joke I'm clueless about? Only thing that came to mind was the Monty Python sketch with the Chinese watch. And then of course Tosh has a thing for Owen. So maybe they should just have an office orgy and call it a day.

That's all I got. Bed now for me.

Tags: torchwood

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