Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

My Meme Response

Okay, here's my response to the post below. It's a snippet, as opposed to one sentence. So sue me [g]

From 'Forget the World' , Methos has just pointed out he has a very large bed back at his place, big enough for three...

Emily hugged her friend, seeing her out. She returned to the sitting room, leaning against the door frame. “And she thought you were kidding.”

Methos looked at her innocently. “And you think I wasn’t?”

Emily snorted, moving farther into the room. “I’ve seen your collection of ‘porn through the ages’, remember?”

“Erotica, love, erotica,” he corrected in lofty tone before pouring more scotch into his glass, grinning unrepentantly.


A bit of humour in what's shaping up to be a rather angsty fic. Oh, hush!!

Tags: random fic stuff

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