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So, the friends we were supposed to go see this weekend, but couldn't due to ninjababe's freakin' stupid work, came down here instead. What we viewed over the weekend, plus the Torchwood I watched tonight thrown in for good measure!

We all decided we could stand with a wee refresher on Jacks' adventures with the Doctor. First off, can I say that the fact that Rose got to dance to Glenn Miller with both Jack and the Doctor has me totally jealous. One of my most consistent fantasies is to dance with a hot guy to Moonlight Serenade. (hey, that's why they call them fantasies!) Anyway, on to Jack. As his last ep draws to a close, I can see something of the Jack we get in Torchwood, so reviewing the episodes did help a bit. Now, my take was that the Doctor, being discombobulated from the pending regeneration, didn't realize Jack had been brought back to life by Rose, so I don't see that he deserted him, like I've read in several other places. Also wondering if that was what made Jack immortal?

So, after DW, Dave was sorting through our DVD shelf and pulled out S1 of Grey's Anatomy and wanted to watch a few episodes. They'd avoided it before because him mom said she liked it. Jen agreed, and I never object to watching it over yet one more time. Before they went home Sunday, we'd watched all of S1, and got nine eps into S2! Dang! Of course, I so wanted to write some more of my Grey's/Highlander fic, but couldn't due to being hostess girl. Hopefully the mood will stick. I sent them home with the S2 box set and with my off of the TV recordings of S3. Needless to say, they really liked it! Yay! It's always kewl when your friends can be fanpired into your fave show! :)

Sunday we went to see Casino Royale. Probably the Bond movie I've enjoyed the most since Timothy Dalton. So it's been a while! Other than the the opening title sequence, which I found annoying, the movie itself was quite excellent. Despite the fears of what this new Bond would be like, I think they did a great job, and he's a perfect Bond.

I really liked this one, other than the continuing problem of Jack not being central yet again. I really identified with Tosh, and got a little weepy at the end. Very Island of Misfit Toys [sigh] and yes, though the alien chickie was up to no good, her and Tosh together was quite hot-- and I could stand to see a few more scenes like that on TV [g] [ahem]

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