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"Peter nearly missed 'Holby chance'"

A piece on Peter from Yahoo Entertainment News

Peter nearly missed 'Holby chance'

The Press Association Tuesday November 21, 10:51 AM

Peter Wingfield might not be a name familiar to many, but his face is unforgettable. The dashingly handsome actor is the latest to join the cast of BBC One medical drama Holby City.

Speaking to, he revealed how the chance of being in the drama almost passed him by.

He revealed how his agent thought he wouldn't be interested in becoming a regular on the show, but: "when I read the scenes and saw what a great character he is, I was in."

When asked whether he's anything like his on-screen alter-ego, Daniel Clifford, in real life, Wingfield admitted he was the complete opposite.

He said where Clifford is decisive and pragmatic, the actor confessed he was "a soppy bleeding heart bag of mush".

However, being in Holby isn't his first brush with medicine. He originally trained as a doctor, but revealed that only helped with the big words and gave him a sense of being comfortable in the medical environment.

The Cardiff-born thespian said he was first bitten by the acting bug in 1980, after a stint with the National Theatre of Wales.

Since then, he's gone on to enjoy acclaim on both sides of the pond.

Here, he's featured in shows such as Soldier Soldier and Cold Feet, while in America he's built up an impressive back catalogue of TV and film appearances.

Wingfield has appeared in movies including X2, as well as small-screen projects Stargate SG-1, Smallville, Charmed and Medium, but arguably his biggest television success was in the role of Methos in the Highlander series.

'...dashingly handsome ', yes, yes! But, ..."a soppy bleeding heart bag of mush"? LOL!

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