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Forever Knight: Black Buddha

Okay, so I've finally opened up the season three DVDs and have decided to watch them in order, as opposed to just picking the decent eps of this sorry season.

So, it opens. I remember watching it at 2am and thinking I had the wrong show. It didn't seem anything like the FK I was used to. Then it gets to the opening credits and Nigel's/La Croix's voice (was it LaCroix, or was it just Nigel doing the voice over? A past point of discussion) Anyway, we come back, and it's Nick in the Titanic. Everyone who was anyone in the immortal world was on that ship!

Sniff! Schanke! Bastards. A sign of what we're in for till USA gets their paws off the series mid season [sigh]

Reese -- the new captain.

Tracy, lil miss perky is on the case. [another sigh]

So Nick, who goes on and on about wanting to be mortal, never stops using his vampire abilities. If he did become mortal, how long would he last? He's so used to being super fast, strong, etc.

The explosion, the plane going down, Schanke and Cohen. It's still sad.

Back to the Titanic. Gods, I love that dress. FK had the best wardrobe for thier flashbacks. I really wish I'd had the money when they auctioned it all off.

One of the best things about FK -- the music.

Ooh! Vachon! The only good change to the cast.

Ah, LaCroix, bright and shiny as usual. LOL

Watching these on DVD is so cool! I'd forgotten what it looked like in a format that wasn't ten year old VHS tapes in EP.

Geez, Nat. You should know what Nick's like at this point. Just let him go.

Vachon cracks me up. Probably the best thing that ever happened to Tracy.

Nope, sorry, she's a resistor!

More bright and shiny LaCroix.

Yeah, Nick. how many months has Janette been gone, and you didn't even notice? GRRR! Yes, she's gone. Dumbass.

Interesting book ends. LaCroix's words to Nick in this episode and then again in Last Night.

Pretty Vachon in the shower!

Like Tracy's going to listen to you, Vachon!

What would have happened if Nick had moved on? Yeah, I know, no show, but I've wondered. How would things have been different?

Not telling Nat -- bad move. You owe her, dude.

Yeah, Tracy heads for the church. Are we surprised? No.

Oh, they fixed the subtitles for the Inca!


Even though Nick weakens himself with the cows blood, etc, he still is more more powerful than many other vampires. My assumption was it was lineage as much as anything. His Master, and his Master's Master (oy!), were very powerful.

I like the way the tale of Vachon and the Inca is told by each of them, back and forth. The Inca to Nick, Vachon to Tracey.

"It was the most erotic thing I've ever experienced, and yet, it was pure... it was everything."

Ah, Urs. Another third season addition I liked.

Again Nick is pushing around other vampires. Vachon is afraid of him. Because of Nick, or because he's LaCroix's child?

Poor Tracy.

Now I'm remembering all the fic and fic ideas that were inspired.

I've often wondered if all vampires congregate in family groups. you have LaCroix, Janette, Nick (though we saw over the series that LaCroix brought people across who weren't part of that permanent family group), and Vachon, Screed, Urs. I'd always wished we'd seen more of the vampire world and workings. I guess that's what fic is for. And those questions still influence my fic.

How LaCroix loves the sound of his own voice. Well, so do we, but... [g]

Yay for vampire hearing!

Poor Screed -- half of Toronto shows up in his sewers.

'I'm immortal, I'll take me chances!"

Bomber snack!

LOL! Vachon pretending to whammy nick for Tracy's benefit.

Screed runs off to Vegas when he has cash. Heh.

We're glad Vachon is staying too.

Schanke [sniff]

The end

I need Forever Knight icons. [makes note]

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