Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Torchwood 2 (with 3 now added)

Just finished up with episode two, and am moving on to ep three....

Really liking Gwen. Jack still isn't grabbing me like he did in DW, but he's interesting. Just not Captain Jack. Don't like Owen, the character just gets on my nerves. The other two, no particular thoughts on them yet.

The story itself: Uhh... okay. Whatever. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. Though I did enjoy the aspect of Gwen trying to get them to remember there's an actual victim in the woman who's the host.

So on to three, and hopefully, I'll like this episode, and like more of the characters. Because I really want to like this series. Seriously.

This episode was much more engaging. I actually felt like most of the characters had some dimension this time. And the shooting lesson? Sign me up! Definitely required a fan during that bit. More bits like that would be of the good.

So yes, things are looking up a bit at this point.

Tags: torchwood

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