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Past & Future Highlander Fandom

I've been hunting around the web for stuff to refer a new Highlander/Methos fan to. (I think this is the first person I've ever fanpired from my fic. Score one for weird crossovers!) and I came across this discussion from January. Lots of interesting viewpoints and ideas.

I've been a fan of HL from first season, but it didn't become what I think of as an 'obsessive fandom' for me till Methos showed up. I've been writing fic since 1995, and it's pretty much all been MethosCentric -- if it isn't LaCroix from Forever Knight, my other obsessive fandom. I'm afraid I suck at marketing and trends, because I don't write slash, I don't write the 'starring' characters, or the popular non-slash pairings. Add to that they're usually xovers and have original characters, and I'm never going to be a popular authour. Heh. And now, of course, they're also 'dead' shows. Well, at least HL still has movies so maybe it's just resting and pining for the Fjords -- not quite dead yet. But I still enjoy writing those characters, so it's all good. But I am glad I decided to get a Live Journal last month, because I felt like I was writing in a vacuum for the most part. I've had more feedback since starting to post here than I have since the heyday of FK and HL fandom. So it's been nice.

Back to that new fan though. If you have any links to pass on for her, please do! Now she's started watching the Methos eps, she would love to discuss them. [light bulb] Hey, I suppose I could do that here... You think? Anyone up for discussion of the episodes?

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