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Looking For the Steamy

So far, I'm enjoying Holby City. But it's a little different than I expected. From what I'd heard going in, and in reading the BBC website, I was expecting it to be wall to wall sex. However, the four episodes I've seen so far have been sex free. For example, the little bio of the character Ric has a long line of love interests listed, both women and men, nine kids, and yet so far, the most I've seen is a patient asking him out for a drink. About the most action anyone seems to have gotten was Abra taking the nurse-who's-name-I-don't-remember out for breakfast. Not quite sure what to make of this, especially since there were certain expectations for what Mr. Clifford was going to be getting up to once he appeared. Are we going to be quite disappointed in that regard? If what I've seen so far is any indication, we just might be.

Le sigh, le weep, le boo hoo!

Please tell me, my across the Atlantic sisters, that there's still hope? That somewhere in the future there's a few good steamy scenes to be had! I await your replies with hope in my heart.

(yeah, I'm just a wee bit goofy this afternoon)(could you tell?)

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