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What Passes For My Con Report

I suck at con reports, I usually do lists of highlights instead, but I'll try and do something here. However, it's been a week now, with a cross country return home trip in between, so my memory is a bit hazy.

New record even for me! A whole con where I don't speak one word or have any interaction with the guests! Whee! Friday there was a mixer in this long foyer/hallway, and there were tables where the guests would visit, but being tableless, no meeting for me. So I watched from afar with an overpriced drink, and thought, 'maybe tomorrow.' However, I did get to spend time with the lovely Bluekittie, so that was great. Saturday, due to circumstances, I wasn't able to attend the afternoon programming, so still no sight of the guests. Then there was the concert Sat. night where I met the very cool ladies from the Central CA Region and was promptly adopted. I don't know if any of them have LJs, but a shout out to them regardless :) After the concert, a bunch of us went to Beale Street and went dancing. That was an absolute blast! We danced, we drank, and we ran like crazy ladies for the last trolley -- well, some of us did [ahem] Sunday, and we get to see Peter via webcam. I'm sure others have great reports of this, so Ill just say that it reminded me of why he's the only actor who's fanclub I'm in -- and that I wanted to send him a comb [g] Sunday night was the River Boat Cruise, and I finally got to speak to Pat! She's a hard lady to keep track of, let me tell you :) Being on a boat, she was unable to hide from me any longer [snicker] and in case there was any doubt, Pat is quite auction mad. I saw her in action Sunday afternoon, and it was quite something! And in case you were wondering, no guest interaction on the boat either. I'm goood. But speaking of guests, we were on the bus waiting to go back to the hotel, and Val gets on, and won't sit in his special front of the bus guest seat so as not to move someone that was already there. As he's waking to the back, he says, 'Would Kronos sit at the front of the bus? I don't think so!'

Other notes: I spoke to Harlene! Multiple times! Sort of a running joke since Reno was that the two of us had a pact to actually speak to each other this time. And we did!

Westy's. Great local hangout, about two blocks from the hotel. We ate there three days in a row. The Marroitt was a fairly dreadful hotel service wise, and the front desk agent suggest Westy's to us the first day. Thank goodness he did!

The Botanical Gardens were wonderful. We went there Thursday with Mischief and Roberta and loved it. It was a lovely day, warm, breezy, lots of sun.They also have an awesome little lunch room where I had the best food on the trip. Lots of pictures were taken, so some of them will appear at some point.

Met a lot of people, some who I knew from LJ, some I didn't, and some I still don't know if I knew them or not [g] Tray is a doll, an absolute sweetheart. I was trying to tell Nin who she was, since I didn't really know her prior, and finally said, 'She's the one that wrote that awesome unicorn story I sent you the link to!' That worked [g] Cathy is great! I'm so glad I got to meet her in RL and to bug her for more of her Methos and Joe in Ireland fic -- I waste no fic nudging opportunities! Then there was Katya (am I spelling your name right?) who I met briefly off and on over the weekend, but got to visit with on the cruise. A fellow Grey's fan! I am so pleased I got to know her. My dancing/trolley chasing buddies Victoria and Cheryl. And there was Marilyn, the gals from Central CA, who's names are a blur, and Patty, and Adabsolutely and of course Roberta, Mischief, Pat. and I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of people, so apologies in advance!

If anything mind blowing occurs to me later, I'll share. And at some point, I'll post about the trip outside the con. Oh, and those posts while I was away? Those were done by Nin for me. I'd dictate a few lines and she'd run down to the freebie computer and type it in and post it for me. One thing that's come out of this trip is that we've decided we need a notebook computer. So that will be our Xmas gift to each other, and my mum and brother will contribute funds to the purchase as their Xmas gift to us.

So that's it for now. I'm pooped, Nin is is sick, and I need to clear away the pile of luggage and bags from my living room floor.

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