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06 January 2015 @ 07:42 pm
That didn't take long.....  
2015, off to a great start. My little Wolf, barely six months old, was diagnosed with FIP (I had to look it up)today, after not getting better from a respiratory infection he had. The vet said he might slip away in his sleep tonight, but if he doesn't, we have to bring him to have him put to sleep in the morning. I just spent two hours sitting on the floor, talking to him and stroking him. Then my brother got home and I had to break the news to him. I was there when he was born, cut his umbilical cord when mama was too worn out to do it herself. He's still so tiny.

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Jessiefreshwaterdame on January 7th, 2015 08:57 pm (UTC)
OH my gosh I am so sorry to hear that!!!!!! That would break my heart