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22 May 2014 @ 03:04 pm
Deicsions, Decisions  
Trying to decide something for the fic I'm currently writing that involves the existence of Immortals. Care to share your two cents?

ETA: should have clarified that the story in question is my current WIP and part 60 odd of my current series. So my question is based on the background of past stories. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

Spoilers for CA II below.

At the end of the movie, all of SHIELDS files are dumped on the internet. so I have choices to make. Do I let the existence of Immortals be a part of the info dump or not? If yes, it would have far reaching consequences in my universe, and I'm not sure if I want to go there or not.

What do you think? As a Highlander fan, would you like a world where the existence of Immortals was public knowledge? Or would you prefer them to remain hidden?

If I do go there, there would be a matter of degree. For example, Methos' current identity would be public, but there would be no tie back to Methos.

Trying to decide is what's bogging down the muse -- at least currently.

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Sinanjusinanju on May 23rd, 2014 01:40 am (UTC)
I think it depends on how much SHIELD actually knows about the existence of Immortals. Note that SHIELD remained entirely ignorant of the existence of a secret Hydra infiltration of SHIELD itself; clearly, SHIELD is not as "all-knowing" as they'd have people believe. Do they even know about the existence of Immortals? And do they know about Immortals (tm)--that is, do they know there are LOTS of them, and they fight to the death with swords, and so forth? Or do they happen to know about a handful who were unlucky enough to get the attention of SHIELD (or people like Fox Mulder, for that matter)? They might know that Mr. X is apparently hundreds of years old, and regenerates even from seemingly lethal wounds...but they may have no clue that he's part of a culture that has existed for all of human history.

I suspect a lot of the older immortals (Methos, of course, but many others too) would have alternate identities in place for those unfortunate incidents in which they get outed. Connor's reception following his first lethal injury is hardly unique. They're all gonna be prepared to bug out when the files go public. Unless SHIELD has biometric data on them (fingerprints, etc) they might end up with files on lots of people who...no longer exist.

Also, even if SHIELD knows about the Immortals, how much interest will they have in them? SHIELD is mostly interested in potential threats or assets. Most Immortals are no threat to civilization or national security (even they wanted to be), and many would be of little use to SHIELD as agents. They're too oriented toward solo action, not working for a large organization, even if they're well practiced at keeping secrets, maintaining cover identities, and fighting to the death in isolated locales.... The files may be relatively skimpy. "Mr. X is suspected of being an immortal, but does not qualify as either a threat or a potential recruit. Case closed."
Ithithildyn on May 23rd, 2014 02:25 am (UTC)
Sorry, I should of clarified I was asking in regards to my current series. But thank you for taking the time to reply.