Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I has a sad....

Came into work this morning to find all the fish in our saltwater tank dead. Except for the little male Nemo. My Dorie fish and my Tang were in the farthest corner on top of each other dead, like they'd been trying to escape. One of the critters in the tank died and poisoned the water. I feel terrible. I know they were just fish, but I've taken care of them for four years, and I was attached. The guy that takes are of the aquarium came over on an ER call and got out the dead fish, changed the water, and didn't hold out much hope for little Nemo. I kept going to the tank, hoping to see him swimming, but he'll probably die before morning :( I was already down because Sparrow, one of my older kitties, that came from California with us, is ailing. Just age, but she's declining. Hasn't been a good day.

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