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More on this week's AoS

Thanks to everyone who answered my question from the last post!

My other musings....

Just how much trouble are they going to be in for blowing up the super secret alien experiment type facility?

Jaffa Cree!

I can't wait to see Sif. Don't really care why she's there, just that she is :D Next week's looks interesting.

Prior to the episode, I thought the guest star was the guy who played the president in Independence Day, so my first thought was, he sure looks different. Looked up the actual actor on IMDB, but didn't ring a bell.

Fic musings: Kind of glad I never got around to writing Coulson in in just after the Avengers fic. Now my mind is buzzing. I had Methos pretty deep into the research with the Tesseract and such in White as Snow and am now trying to decide if he'd be involved in some of what was in this episode. Hmmmm.....

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