Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

That Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

My feelings can be summed up as 'meh'. I was hoping seeing the trailer might inspire me to be somewhat more enthusiastic, but it had the opposite effect. It's gone from 'I'll see it at some point', to 'Probably a rental.' Too bad, because up till now, **every Marvel movie has been an event, with midnight viewings and trips to meet friends for opening day (We're meeting in Disneyland for Captain America II) and I'm going to miss that. But it'll still make pots of money without me, so I'm sure Marvel isn't too worried :D On the bright side, next year is Avengers II, so there is still squee to be had. Unless there's the addition of racoons or marmots, then we'll see.

** Except for Iron Man, but that was because I didn't know it was going to love at first sight for me and Tony. But I've been ever faithful since that fateful viewing.

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