Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

The Posting Thing

I really suck at it lately. I've been trying to comment more, so that's something.

Nin and I went to Best Friends in Kanab, finally!, on Saturday. I mean, they are the reason I even really know about this area, which is the reason I live here now, and I'd never visited. And I've been a member since before I had internet. We had a lovely tour, I chatted with some wonderful dogs, and petted lots of kitties. What an amazing place it is, and the goal, that we can save them all, I really hope so. Nin and I think we'll become volunteers, even if all we do is walk the dogs, and it's only two hours away from us. All the staff we met I felt such a connection to -- they're me. By the end, me and the lady who gave the tour were all teary and hugging each other. I think I'd resisted going, because it would make me sad, but it's actually a place of hope, even for the most abused and neglected pets. Yeah, I shed some tears, but most of them were happy ones.

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