Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

End of Year Recap: 2013

I wrote more in 2013 than I thought I did, both started during the year and finished during the year for the longer ones. From the first half of 2013:

Too Young For Heaven
Sometimes, the only way to escape the dark, and the demons that haunt you, is to have friends who refuse to let you fall.
And My Heart Was Colder When You'd Gone
Chris is ready to put the past behind him, but is Charlotte willing to step into the future with him?
'Til These Memories Are Pearls
After New York, Tony tries to pick up the pieces of the life he had before that day the Tesseract awoke.
If I Never Knew You
After Tony Stark's unexpected visit, Charlotte realizes she needs to take her own advice and confide her fears to Methos.
Riding Into the Sunrise
Methos and Tony resolve to control their destiny.
What's Rule Number One?
Tony has a lot to be grateful for - even if he did forget rule number one.
Equivocal Coalescence
Their whole world changed when Tony revealed he was Iron Man, but that wasn't nearly the end of it.
Green Tea
Bruce Banner is really, really mad. He is!

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