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I just may be writing a story that gives some background on Charlotte's Jack Sparrow, as opposed to the one in the movies, that includes Howard Stark and Walt Disney. Yeah. So, up till now, I'd used comics dating for when SHIELD was created, really it only came into play during the Peggy Carter story I wrote a few years back. But now, I think I need to do some retconning. That short about Peggy that was on the IM III DVD seems to be saying that Howard created it, or mostly created it, two-three years after the end of WWII. So, 1950ish? Basically, a few months after the end of the Peggy fic, there's going to be a party at Howard's, and I need to date it. I also need to rewrite some of the Peggy story. Poked around the Marvel wiki, but it keeps hanging when I try to get to pages.

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